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What are herbal teas and how to properly make them? Here is a little information to understand a bit more how to use herbs to help us in our daily lives with relaxation, focus, general health and wellness. 

Infusions and decoctions are one of the most used form of extraction of medicinal properties from plants. They are not just herbal teas, they are an effective method for preparing and administering herbal nutrients. 

For this kind of preparations, boiled water represent the solvent. For the infusions, water is poured on the herbs and the maceration time varies for different plants. This method is used for light and soft elements such as leaves and flowers, soft stems and some root. This extraction tool wold also suit more plant tissues containing volatile oils and the container used for the infusion should always be covered to avoid these oils to escape with the vapour. For decoctions, the plant material is boiled and they are generally used for hard elements such as hard roots and rhizomes. 

Herbs can be mixed together or taken one at the time with different effects and properties. Lot of herbs have a lovely flavour and can add a nice taste to the mix, together with their medicinal qualities. 

I have a good dispensary of dried herb for ordering, I can suggest lovely mixes for minor ailments and help you to created tailored teas. 

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