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Dr. Edward Back was a physician, bacteriologist and an homoeopath. In 1930 he moved to Mount Vernon in the Oxfordshire to a house that is now known as the Bach Centre to focus on treating people with natural remedies. He believed in treating patients, not their illnesses and that diseases are manifestation of negative thoughts such as fear, anxiety, grief, frustration and despair. 

He started to explore the concept of vibrational healing and developed 38 remedies that work restoring mental harmony, preventing physical illness from manifesting. He produced the remedies testing several flowers and plants that would restore piece of mind after different negative thoughts were experienced. 

The remedies do not work in any biochemical way like a drug or herbal preparations. Bach believed that the remedies contain the energy of the plant from which it was made and it provides the stimulus needed to kick-start your own healing mechanism. The Flowers help with emotions such as fear, anxiety, loneliness and depression; they are safe, do not interfere with other treatments or medications, suitable for all ages, animals and plants. 

Every flower essence comes in a bottle of stock concentrate. To make a mixture, up to 7 flowers are chosen and 2 drops from each bottle will go into a dropper bottle containing about 30 ml of water for easy daily dosing. A qualified therapist can prepare a mix or everybody can buy stock bottles and make their own remedies considering the simplicity of the method and the safety of the remedies. 

I am happy to prepare a combination helping to choose the right essences or just dispensing and sending a prepared bottle by post. 

Here are the Bach Flowers Remedies in alphabetical order to choose from:

For those who hide their feeling behind a cheerful face. They appear happy but they are suffering. The remedy gives peace. 
Fear of unknown things. The remedy encourages to feel safe and relaxed. 
For the perfectionist, intolerant, critical. The remedy helps to become more understanding.
For those who are kind, gentle and eager to please, and can’t say no. The remedy helps to remain gentle but firm.
For those who do not trust their own judgement or intuition and often miss out on opportunities. The remedy helps feeling more a confident individual. 
Cherry Plum
For irrational thoughts and fear of loosing control. The remedy helps to handle the inner troubles.
Chestnuat Bud
For those who keep making the same mistakes. The Remedy helps to learn from past experiences. 
For the overprotective and possessive. Demanding love and appreciation of others. The remedy will help to let go without feeling rejected. 
For the dreamer, absent-minded, inattentive and easily bored. The remedy can recall them from their dream world and down to earth. 
Crab apple
For those who feel unclean, fixation on small things. The remedy helps feeling clean and to put everything in perspective. 
For those who are overwhelmed by pressure form work, family and other commitments. The remedy helps to think clearly, restoring confidence and strength.
For the pessimist, discouraged, even when doing well. The remedy encourages perseverance and faith. Also good for loss of faith after failure. 
For those who believe that they were born to suffer and they are pessimistic about everything. The remedy give hope. 
For those who always talk about themselves. Over concern with self tend to be avoided. The remedy makes them more relaxed and less self-obsessed.
For those overcome with hatred, jealousy, envy or suspicion, resentment for others. The remedy enables them to feel love and happy for others. 
For those who dwell in the past to the extent that they lose interest in the present. The remedy helps them to leave in the present.
For those who are exhausted and think can’t cope. The remedy gives strength to face the day ahead. 
For those who do everything in a hurry. The are brusque, irritated by constraints. The remedy encourages to be calmer, more tolerant and forgiving.
For those who lack confidence and have self-doubt and feeling of inferiority. The remedy encourages determination and self-confidence even after setbacks. 
MimulusFor those who are shy, nervous, uneasy with people they do not know, dislike parties and have fear of known things such as heights, pain, animals, etc. The remedy gives bravery.
For those who are gloomy for no reason. The mood can sometimes stay for months. The remedy helps them find a ways out of their despair and gives clarity.
For the fighter who never gives in but sometimes overdoes it and finds he/she has no strength left. The remedy gives patience and helps to admit limitations. 
For those who are exhausted due to overwork or over-exertion. The remedy replaces lost energy. 
For those who always blame themselves for other mistakes and are always apologizing. The remedy relieves the sense of guilt. 
Red Chestnut
For those who are over-anxious for family and friends and afraid of impending disaster. They do not worry about themselves, but are distressed by reports of disasters. The remedy helps trusting life. 
Rock Rose
For terror or panic, which may not be rational but is still real. It is also the remedy for accidents or sudden illness. The remedy helps to face emergencies. 
Rock Water
For those who are strict with themselves, and demand perfection and are inflexible. The remedy helps them to be more understanding with themselves. 
For who cannot make decisions and have often dilemmas. The remedy makes them more focused, so they have cleared options and more determination. 
Star of Bethlehem
For the inconsolable after shock, bereavement, bad news or trauma. The remedy gives balance and harmony. 
Sweet Chestnut
For those in utter despair and desolation. The remedy gives hope and restores faith in life. 
For the enthusiastic, talkative, principled perfectionist. The remedy gives quiet and tranquillity.
For the dominant, ambitious, but sometimes tyrannical. The remedy encourages understanding and favourite teaching qualities. 
This is the remedy for change, when in need of settling in a new environment. The remedy helps with fresh starts and helps to cope with life changes. 
Water Violet
For reserved, self-contained. They like peace and quiet, but at times can love isolation. The remedy helps to be more friendly and calm. 
White Chestnut
For those who have persistent, circling and unresolved thoughts. Their mind is so full of arguments that they find it difficult to concentrate. The remedy helps clear the mind. 
Wild Oat
For those who are at a crossroads in life. They are discontented with their career or their lifestyle but do not know where to look. The remedy helps to make them decisive and clear-headed. 
Wild Rose
For those who lost interest in life and are willing to accept whatever fate delivers. The remedy helps to revive the spirit of adventure. 
For those who dwells on misfortune and feel dissatisfied, bitter, resentful. The remedy encourages positive thinking. 

Rescue Remedy or Five Flowers

This is the most frequently used remedy. It is a combination remedy, made up of Star of Bethlehem, Rock rose, Impatient, Cherry Plum, Clematis. It helps in emergencies, when you feel panic, shock, loss of control and mental numbness. . Rescue Remedy can calm exam nerves, and relieves the anxiety of flying. You can also dab it on stings and bruises. Always keep a bottle close at hand. 

Launch price only £6 for 30 ml dropper bottle with up to 7 flowers plus postal charge.

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