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Children going back to school or starting school, can be physically and emotionally overwhelming. With all the plans for picking up and drop off, getting all the gear ready, trying to adhere to the still too new rules of social distancing, we are all feeling a bit out of balance, children and grown ups together. 

At the end of a full day, we all need to relax and wind down but sometimes, especially for children, it may be difficult to decompress and relax. They may get over excited, hyperactive and unsettled. 

Linden (Tilia) it’s the first choice of herb for overactivity in children: it has a pleasant taste, helps to relieve tension and promotes a relaxing sleep. It also calms a nervous digestion and can be used for coughs and colds together with elderflower. The tea can also help to break a fever as it promotes sweating. 

Passionflower can relieve nervous exhaustion and anxiety. It has a slight sedative effect and can be taken alone or as a lovely tea mixed with Chamomile and Lemon balm, both as well soothing for the nervous system and uplifting. 

Always consult a qualified Herbalist for professional advice.
Remember I am now offering Skype and WhatsApp consultations when possible. You can collect your herbal medicines if you are local or I can send them via Royal mail. I also have a good selection of dried herbs if you like to order just a nice tailored herbal tea. 

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